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My dear, would you care for some tea?

Rebekah Meredith Creative

Hello! I’m Rebekah.

Wife • Mom • Writer • Blogger behind Mama’s Mad Tea Party

I’m afraid I’m a bit bonkers… “But I’ll tell you a secret: all the best people are!”~ Lewis Carroll

I graduated college and earned a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology degree. And what do I do with it? Create a blog, of course!

A blog about experiences with on motherhood, affordable living, and organization to help other mama’s out. Because, let’s face it, if I had not completely lost my mind on my journey, I wouldn’t be able to share this wonderful information with you!

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When brushing your toddler’s teeth feels like a nightmare, you may turn to the internet for answers. And, to see if you are not alone. You aren’t!

A list of over 50 FREE outdoor kids’ activities for you to do with your child! Playing outside is so important for your child (and you)!

5 easy ways to keep a clean home as a busy parent. If having a clean home helps you with taming the madness, then this is a read for you!

Two heads are better than one!

Based on what you need and what I can do, I will create something beautiful and amazing to share with my audience on my blog and/or social media platforms.

25+ Genuine Quotes for Mom Guilt You Need to Hear

I truly enjoyed the funny quotes. Gave me a laugh. I can relate as a mom.


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Brushing Your Toddler’s Teeth: Useful Tips You Need To Know

Omg so true, It has been a struggle to brush my 2-year-old girl’s teeth recently, It did help when I change her brushing schedule and now she does it together with her brother and I had to change her toothbrush to Peppa Pig . thanks for sharing!

Katrina Vadan

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50+ of the Best Free Outdoor Kids’ Activities

That’s a great list! My son loves playing outdoors with the sprinklers on!


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Brushing Your Toddler’s Teeth: Useful Tips You Need To Know

Excellent advice – sharing with my daughter for tips and tricks to try with miss 4 and master 2 😊


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Mama’s Mad Tea Party FAQS

Ask me anything, and I’ll answer them the best I can. You can email me or contact me on social media.

It was a mix of motherhood, Alice in Wonderland, and my love of tea. The name came to me while playing with my toddler one day, and I just knew that I had to jump on it!

Yes! I am open to collaborating with other bloggers. It is important to support each other.
I currently have guest posts on


I am also a ghostwriter and copywriter who helps introverted entrepreneurs share their voices and grow their businesses, too!

I even have a few book projects in the works!

I use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Each of them are great in its unique way.

Follow me on any of them and say hello!

So far, I have only contributed to a multi-author project titled The Voyage and The Return. It was terrific, and I got to work with so many beautiful people!

If you are interested, I have more books and writing projects in the works!