4 Easy Ways to Pay the Bills while Maintaining Sanity

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Believe it or not, there are simple, easy ways to pay the bills and maintain our sanity! These are the 4 best, simple methods I used to help my family pay our bills while not losing our minds.

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The price of everything goes up regularly, and yet, most of our wages remain the same. This is a very overwhelming and stressful problem.

My family of six—two adults, a toddler, and three fur babies—has been getting by on a single income since 2020. It has not been easy, but we’ve been doing it!

I know I could have easily applied to jobs and worked to bring in a second income, but daycare is expensive. It made more sense for me to stay home with our child than to send him to daycare. Yes, work-from-home jobs exist but finding a well-paying one that understands mom duties can be challenging.

So, my husband and I did four simple things to pay the bills and feed everyone.

1. Do a Simple Declutter

What it does: maintains sanity

We looked around our house and saw that there were so many things that 1) did not bring joy, 2) made our home feel cluttered and small, and 3) just collected dust. 

We took it room by room and made piles. Donate. Sell. Pitch

Surprisingly, our “sell” pile was huge. We had snowboards we had never used, clothes with tags on them, and various other things we had stopped using. We took them to a few pawn shops to sell them and made decent cash off of them.

Even more surprisingly, people would pay a few dollars more if they noticed something we were selling that they wanted, so the pawnshop wouldn’t mark it up. 

We also donated many things because times are hard and we wanted to help our community. I believe in good karma.

And best of all, I am able to maintain my sanity more easily!

2. Make an Easy to Follow Budget

What it does: makes paying bills easier AND maintains sanity

I know budgeting is hard. For the longest time, I had no idea how to budget. But, with the bills piling up, I had to put on my big girl pants and learn to do it. 

The biggest expense I was able to cut down on was groceries. I wrote down things that were absolutely necessary, separated the “wants” from the “needs,” and wrote everything in between. 

With a household of 6, I set a goal to make our grocery expenses $600 tops. This included diapers, baby supplies, pet food, pet supplies, anything my husband and I needed, and eating out.

It was challenging at first, but now I have gotten so good at it that we regularly stay below our limit, which makes it so much easier for us to pay bills and not go insane.

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3. Make Home Improvements on a Dime

What it does: makes paying bills easier AND maintains sanity

Home improvements can be pricey. Thanks to the internet, however, finding cheaper alternatives and reading reviews of those alternatives has never been easier.

While decluttering our home, we found things that needed improvement. For example, we put new weather strips on our exterior doors for about $10. Since then, our home has been less drafty, and we have saved way more than $10 on our utility bill.

4. Snowball Debt in a Way that Works for You

What it does: makes paying bills easier AND maintains sanity

I understand that this one can be hard. Many of us live paycheck to paycheck.

Select your lowest debt, or the one with the highest interest, and knock it out! When that is down, work on the next one, then the next. There are several ways to snowball debt, especially when money is tight. You just need to find what works best for you.

To conclude ways to pay the bills…

Yes, it is difficult to watch our hard-earned money go to bills, but there are ways to make it less challenging.

Tell me what you think about these 4 tips to get your bills paid. Is there something you would add? Is there something you would do differently?

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  1. We constantly declutter in our house too! About twice a year, we assess what we don’t need, and I sell some stuff on facebook marketplace. I find that people really love to buy second-hand kids stuff. Thanks for these tips!

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