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It's about YOU. Not me.

When your words are BLAH and fail you.

Words have the power to skyrocket your business. Don’t let them make you crash.

"Quite people have the loudest minds."

-Stephen Hawking

...above and beyond, and the copywriting process was seamless...

I consulted with Rebekah on rewriting the copy on my website and the copy that I wrote myself wasn't appealing to my target audience and it lacked personality. However, Rebekah worked her copywriting magic and transformed my word-vomit-of-a-website copy, into copy that is on brand, persuasive, and was full of my personality. She took the time and effort to create copy that was on point with my brand and did her research to make sure that the copy speaks to my target audience. She was super organized, turned everything in a timely manner, and was pleasant to work with. She went above and beyond, and the copywriting process was seamless from start to finish. I'm very satisfied with the new website copy and can't wait to show it off to my prospective clients. I cannot recommend Rebekah enough!

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Hi! I’m Rebekah Meredith

Wife • Mom • Author • Ghost Copywriter
Mind behind Mama’s Mad Tea Party

Fun facts about me...

I’m a ghostwriter & copywriter.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

I studied pre-med & pre-nursing for longer than I care to admit.

I am SEO trained.

I have been writing professionally for over a year & amateurly for 10+ years.

I’m a mom to an energizer bunny.

I am an international best-selling author on Amazon for the book The Voyage and The Return.

I’m a wife who enjoys making my husband question my sanity.

I have a passion project called “Tea Talks” to help busy women with their self-care.

I love coffee & tea, books & video games, and making theories about kids’ movies.

I’m a recovering perfectionist – kind of.

Scroll further down the rabbit hole to read more about me…

…if you dare.

My Mad Origin Story​​

From 4 years old, I’ve always been fascinated with books. I loved reading books and the adventures they would take me on so much. To the point that I would carry a large bag full of books with me EVERYWHERE I went! I was dubbed “The Bag Lady” for this quirk.

The adventures on the pages made me wonder what I could do with words, so I started to write. Short stories. Poems. Different plots and endings to stories.

My writing adventures took me to many places and touched many people as I grew.

Some journeys have more side quests than others.

Writing wasn’t my only passion. I went off to college and completed pre-nursing and pre-med. However, it was Psychology that captivated me. The mind is fascinating!

engagement pic
Family Photo

After years of research and writing articles & journals, I [finally] graduated from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The passion for writing and research, however, still fired my heart.

With that passion, I started my freelance business, Rebekah Meredith Creative, offering copywriting and ghostwriting services to help female entrepreneurs grow their businesses and dreams. It’s no medical field, but it’s still helping others out!

Shout out to all medical professionals! That is a challenging field, but so needed. And needs to be appreciated more.

The road to success doesn’t have to be difficult.

The Mad Takeover

I help busy women and mom entrepreneurs share their stories. Your story doesn’t only need to be heard; it needs to be captivated by YOUR audience.

It gets overwhelming to find the time to sit down and write your website copy, that email sequence, and all of your writing needs. You need a copywriter who can convert what you need to say into returning clients.

The process is time-consuming, but it is more discouraging when you do not see any positive results.


My Mad Mission

I stand against societal norms that silence women and keep them from seeking success. I want to skyrocket their business and help them build a bona fide empire.

I stand with women who feel the pressures of being caretakers not feel mentally overwhelmed.

Together, we can create a strong sense of community and build confidence.

I know it’s frustrating to Google your concerns only to gain more questions than answers. It’s time-consuming, discouraging, and often leaves you feeling alone.

This is a space for frustrated women to come and feel supported. Feel as though you have an old friend listening to you… while getting a pun or two.

I aim to deliver tips on work-from-home life through personal experience AND deliver authentic writing services to help you. Because let’s face it, running a business alone is mentally exhausting and can bottleneck to failure.

We need to gain some sanity from somewhere!
I’m still holding onto the last shred of mine! Haha!

My Mad Core Values


Our bonds create support and security.

We believe in the bonds that support us during both the best and worst of times. Family is crucial because it can provide unconditional love, support, and stability. They constantly strive to see and bring out the best in you, even when you are unable to do so for yourself.


Building connections through fun and play.

We believe that team building should be fun between the service provider and the client. Having fun makes work fun. Having fun leads to a satisfactory end result. Having fun speaks to our inner child and allows for healing without the boring talk.


Finding peace in the chaos.

We don’t believe in balance. Balance implies a scale method where everything has to be perfectly stable. Scales tip. Life happens. The important thing is to accept that not everything is in our control. Accept the chaos and enjoy the inner peace without the stress of balance.


Every voice deserves to be heard.

Every voice has the potential to change the world. We actively listen and understand the voices around us to create a sensational experience. We believe that every woman has the right to know how to navigate any chapter of their life, gain self-love, and feel support.

Personal Development

Growth does not start with contentment.

Learning doesn’t come without growth. We believe that leveling up your inner peace is an ongoing journey. The world around us is constantly changing. We have to rise to make the world accept us. Not the other way around.

Is it the tea party talking or is this a good vibe?

I love to write. But most importantly, I love helping people.
Everyone has a story that needs to be told.

But, not everyone is able to find their voice in the right medium.

Or… Go down the rabbit hole to read more blogs.

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