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Hi! I’m Rebekah Meredith

Wife. Mom. Writer. And, the main blogger behind Mama’s Mad TeA Party.

Scroll further down the rabbit hole to read more about me…

…if you dare.

My Mad Origin Story

I was born and raised in a beautiful, Caribbean country called Belize. It’s a small country where you can visit the beach in the morning then go camping in the mountains in the evening… in the same day! Tiny, but there is so much to do! I still haven’t done everything there is to do in my home country.

I eventually decided to move the Louisiana where I have even MORE family. Here is where I met my best friend, partner in crime, and companion for life – my husband.

Then, we moved to the Rocky Mountains with our two cats and adopted our 3rd fur baby. It’s been fun seeing the dog stop the cats’ plans for world domination.

engagement pic
day Jaxson was born

After a while, I decided to go back to college and FINALLY get my Bachelor’s degree… after almost a decade of being in and out of college and changing my major a bunch. *hides from embarrassment*

In 2020, we welcomed our son into the world. It was an experience, to say the least. Childbirth was traumatic, and the postpartum depression that followed made recovery harder. To top it off, I was a full-time student in college and helping my husband through HIS postpartum depression. Yes, men and partners involved experience this, too. I didn’t have the chance to process anything for myself and decided that something NEEDED to change. 

But what?

I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Art in Psychology and thought about what to do with this. 

Further my education? No thank you. 

Just jump into any job that would accept me? Absolutely not! 

Start a business? Sure, but what?

The Mad Change

It didn’t take long for me to decide to start a blog to help other mamas (and hopefully partners) out. Motherhood is rewarding and beautiful, but it can also be lonely and overwhelming. Understanding the psychology… the whys and the hows… of mom life, the challenges of raising a child, and hopes that we are doing the best we can is a big step.

Mama’s Mad Tea Party was created shortly after I started this path (after watching a bunch of Alice in Wonderland and Tim Burton films). It is my intention to create content for you so you feel seen, heard, and understood. It is also my intention to write helpful lifestyle tips by sharing my experiences on motherhood, affordable living, and organization.

If I hadn’t lost my mind on my motherhood journey, I wouldn’t able to share this with you. Most importantly, if it wasn’t for the support of my husband, I won’t be here writing this message for you and working on content to share with you!

The Mad Mission

I’m on a mission to help moms & dads who feel the pressures of parenthood not feel mentally overwhelmed. Together, we can create a strong sense of community and build confidence in parents.

I know it’s frustrating to Google your concerns only to gain more questions than answers. It’s time-consuming, discouraging, and often leaves you feeling alone in parenthood.

Mama’s Mad Tea Party is a space for frustrated parents to come for answers and leave feeling supported. While reading the blog, you will feel as though you have an old friend listening to you and telling you what you need to hear… while getting a pun or two.

Moreover, I aim to deliver tips on getting organized, maintaining personal finances, and sharing things related to the family. Because let’s face it, having kids is mentally draining and can be expensive. 

We parents need to gain some sanity from somewhere! I’m still holding onto the last shred of mine! Haha!

Is it the tea talking or is this a good vibe?

I love to write. But most importantly, I love helping people. Everyone has a story that needs to be told. But, not everyone is able to find their voice in the right medium.

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