Father’s day 2022 gift guide: For the dad who has everything

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Father’s Day 2022 is right around the corner. Father’s Day is the time of year dads get a day in the spotlight. Some dads are easy peasy to get a gift for. Others are a bit more challenging. And if the dad in your life is anything like my husband, he is VERY hard to get the perfect gift for.

I have compiled a list of 30+ Father’s Day 2022 gift ideas, which have been approved by my hard-to-shop-for-husband.

image heading for the dad that likes to grill

#1 New grill tools

Grilling is an art. Most men love it and take grilling seriously. So why not give the dad in your life a handy dandy BBQ Grill Tool Set, which also includes a grill mitt.

#2 Meat rubs

Seasoning rubs get taken very seriously in the grilling world. But if the dad in your life is open to trying something new, a variety of rubs for different meats is always a great thought!

#3 Grill apron

Most men will say they don’t need one, but cleaning off all those food stains from their clothes can be a pain. Give dad a cool, practical grill apron or a fun one!

#4 Outdoor fun for grilling

Grilling meats to perfection takes time. So why not make it fun? Grab a bundle of Backyard Fun for dad, the kids, and you to enjoy!

#5 Grill Grate Cleaner

Grilling, as I’ve mentioned, is messy. Make the clean-up easier with a grill brush and mat.

#6 Cooler for beer

The chances are that you already have a cooler. But do you know where it is? Is it also an eyesore? Here is a win-win solution for a cooler/side table/storage/stool combo. Not only is it functional, but it is visually appealing… and can come in handy when dad needs extra space while grilling.

image heading for Father's Day 2022 - Experience

#7 Dad jokebook

No Father’s Day 2022 gift guide would be complete without dad jokebooks. Here is a cheap, cheesy book with 600+ dad jokes.

#8 Trip to a favorite museum

Most people don’t know this, but most museums let dads in for FREE on Father’s Day. So why not treat the family to dad’s favorite museum this Father’s Day 2022?

<image at dinosaur museum>

#9 Go on an adventure

Depending on where you live, this might already be on the agenda. Some dads like a quick adventure to the beach, a hike along a trail, or even a trip to the mall so they and their kids can let loose in the play zone areas. Best of all, they are FREE.

#10 Treat to a favorite restaurant

It’s probably dad’s turn to be treated to his favorite restaurant. There is a huge emphasis on taking moms out to eat on Mother’s Day, so why not for Father’s Day?

#11 Matching father-child shirts

Matching shirts are always a great way to show off his personality and to have a great time!

#12 A new dad uniform (for fun)

If the dad in your life enjoys leaning into the dad uniform, why not get him a new one? If you don’t know, a dad uniform typically includes a tucked-in shirt, New Balance shoes, high white socks, and a cellphone clip.

image heading for Father's Day 2022 - Foodie dad

#13 Make his favorite meal (get kids involved)

What’s the dad’s (or dads’) in your life’s favorite thing to eat? Go all out and make it! Getting the kids involved can be fun and make it special!

#14 Bake favorite dessert (get kids involved)

Same as above. Maybe the dad (or dads) in your life has a favorite sweet treat. Go all out and bake something delicious!

#15 Breakfast in bed

Breakfast is the easiest meal to make. Treat dad to breakfast in bed, even if it’s just cereal the kids make.

#16 Meat-quet

It’s like a bouquet of flowers, except the flowers are meat sticks. A meat-quet!

#17 Jerky box

What’s better than meat? More meat! My husband loves the jerky box he received last year!

#18 Coffee box

Parenting is hard, and coffee is needed before beer o’clock. Give the dad the gift of wakefulness with an assortment of coffee!

#19 Snack box

If dad loves a good snack once in a while, give him a DIY basket of his favorite snacks, or even get him an assortment of snacks!

image header for Father's Day 2022 - self care

#20 Some time to self

Some dads really do not want anything. So, ensuring that he has some time to himself is always an excellent way to show the dad in your life that you appreciate him.

#21 New beard care stuff

If the dad in your life has a beard, you can’t go wrong with beard care! If the dad in your life’s beard needs some TLC, this Beard Gift Set is the perfect thing for him. (Bonus: it will make his beardless itchy!!)

image header for Father's Day 2022 - DIY

Nothing says, “I love and appreciate you” like a homemade gift.

#22 Homemade Father’s Day painting

There are so many creative options for making a DIY painting for dad this Father’s Day 2022. My son and I made this painting for my husband for his first Father’s Day last year.

First Father's Day handmade painting
My husband’s first Father’s Day gift made him tear up. He loved it. And he enjoyed the fun memento of our child wiggling his painted feet into the canvas, which is why the feet look funny. Haha!

#23 Homemade Father’s Day card

Again, there are many creative options for making a homemade Father’s Day card. Get creative and have fun!

#24 DIY pictures of your child holding letters to spell “dad”

If you’ve been on Pinterest around Father’s Day, chances are you’ve seen pictures of kiddos holding a letter in a picture, multiple pictures taken, and the pictures are put together to spell out “DAD” or “DADDY.”

#25 Pack of 10mms

If the dad in your life does projects around the home, chances are he is always missing his 10mm wrench. Get him a pack of them!

image header for Father's Day 2022 - for the dad who has everything

#26 New wallet

When is the last time he had a wallet update? Is it falling apart? Being held together by duct tape? Ready to fall apart? Chances are he needs one (…and probably won’t admit it). Get him a functional wallet with RFID blocking.

#27 Wallet family photos

While on the topic of wallets, through in some cute wallet-sized family photos or pictures of the kids!

#28 Star map

What a great way to mark the day a dad became a dad! A star map is a great way to remember the moment a dad became a dad creatively.

#29 New tumbler

If dad likes to take his hot or cold drinks on the go, a new tumbler is always handy. A cute, custom tumbler can make receiving a simple one more fun!

#30 Comfy house shoes

House shoes are the kind of gift someone doesn’t realize they need until they get a pair. Once they do and try them, they love them! Getting a pair that is breathable and comfortable is always a good choice!

image header for Father's Day 2022 - grandparent and great grandparents
Exclusive for the granddads and great-granddads…

We can’t forget the granddads and great-granddads!

#31 A custom-framed photo of the grandchildren

Custom-framed photos are always a fun choice. Getting one for granddad or great-granddad and adding a picture of the kids will be cherished!

#32 DIY pictures of the grandchildren holding letters to spell “grandpa”

…or great-grandpa… or whatever their grandparent name is. Similar to the dad picture idea above but for the grandparents!

#33 Handmade cards

Which grandparent doesn’t like receiving a card made by their grandchild?

#34 Child’s Art

If your child likes to paint or color, then making their grandparent a custom piece of art will be fun!

#35 Blanket with pictures of child or children

No list would be complete without a custom blanket with a photo collage of the grandchildren!

#36 Grandparent joke book

Last, but not least, a grandparent joke book! Just because a dad got promoted to granddad doesn’t mean the jokes stop!

image of father and son for blog on Father's Day 2022 gift ideas

To conclude this Father’s Day 2022 gift guide…

There are many creative options out there for gifting the dad in your life a unique gift. Whether it is his first Father’s day or his 50th Father’s Day. Dads deserve to be shown appreciation, too.

Do you like this Father’s Day 2022 gift guide? Is there anything you would add or do differently? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. These are some really great gift ideas for all the father’s in our lives. I’ll have to use this as a guide since my husband seems to have everything!

  2. You have some great suggestions here! I love the idea of getting a starmap. It’s inexpensive too. Thanks for sharing this!

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