Cut out the writing anxiety and let a ghostwriter handle it.

Get More Out of Writing.


Stop Fantasizing. Start Achieving!

Are you a business professional, public speaker, coach, or entrepreneur with a lot on your plate? Do you want to gain more authority, opportunities, and client engagements?

I assist busy professionals, like yourself, in writing content they can utilize. Together, we will transform existing knowledge and material into professionally written content so you can stand out from your competitors and strengthen your targeted market position. Use material, like a book, that is meant to assist you in achieving your goals.

Moreover, finding the time to write requires you to take a break from essential tasks that keeps your company running. You could take time out of your personal life, but your loved ones will lose quality time with you.

This is where I can step in to write your book, blog, or social media posts while you run your business and live your life.

The strategy will be straightforward. Plus, it will be adjusted to meet your timeline.

The final result will be content that is designed to be a high-impact marketing tool to help you grow your business, from the first word to the last.

“...amazing job at capturing our voice…“

"Rebekah wrote an amazing blog for our business! She did an amazing job at capturing our voice and what our business is about. I highly recommend Rebekah for any copy you need done and am excited to work with her in the future."

Stephanie Sylvia Costello

Safety in Freedom

Mama’s Mad Tea Party

Save Time

Don’t waste hours, weeks, months, or even years trying to write. Hire a professional who can save you from taking time away from your business and loved ones.

How many times have you found yourself going down a rabbit hole trying to write the perfect post? Or lost interest in completing a chapter for your book because you’d rather network with a profitable prospect?

Focus on what matters. Make your life easier.

Make Money

Contracting a ghostwriter is an investment in your business. Your investment needs to be designed to help you build meaningful business connections – whether it’s a book, blog post, article, or social media post.

Before clients choose to contact you, they almost always look you up online, visit your website, and read any blogs or articles you’ve published – even if most of your business comes from referrals.

And, when you consistently publish content, people will see you as active, relevant, involved, and professional. They often go explore your website and other works more in-depth.

Therefore, you can earn more money since clients will look you up online before contacting you. I can assist you with boosting your authority to encourage people to contact you – whether it’s professionals who provide different services to your potential clientele, journalists or writers seeking a quote, or your prospective clients.

What's on the Ghost Table?

Done-with-you Manuscript

Done-with-you so that you can make sure that every chapter is written to your liking. I will take your works and create your manuscript.

 $5,000 per 10,000 words. 

One-time project. Turn-around of 3 – 6 months.

Preferred Genres: Non-fiction. Auto-fiction. Psychology. Personal Development. Children’s*

*Children’s books vary in length from 100 – 1000+ words. Prices will vary and be less.

What to expect when you hire me.

Research & Consultation

To kick things off, I will do a quick overview of your business and the in-depth questionnaire before our chat to determine whether or not we are a good fit. The questionnaire helps me understand you, your business, your target audience, and your competition. I will review your answers and analyze your website. 

When we hop on our call, we will have a discussion regarding your goals and expected outcomes for your content. After our chat, I will send you a proposal, contract, and project timeline. 


Now that our homework is done, it’s time to create a plan of action. I’ll put together a plan that includes a catchy title (if you don’t have one already), relevant keywords, and anything else we need to work our magic on.

Promotion [optional]

When you publish a book, you hope that your manuscript becomes the next best thing since sliced bread. However, how can you expect people to be excited about your content when you don’t even show much interest in it? 

Getting others engaged and excited in your work is key to getting your amazing ideas out there working for you!


The process is simple and fun. First, we plan your book. Next, we will discuss you, your business and business goals, and your goals for your content. I will consult with you to help you choose what will work best for your goals. Then, I take your knowledge and turn it into content that is hyper-focused on your desired outcome. I can gather information from any number of sources, such as interviews with you, notes, outlines, blogs, podcasts, and recordings. I then organize the material and write for you. This process helps me capture your knowledge and voice.

You do. It’s your idea. I’m just organizing and writing them.

Absolutely. I don’t share my client’s secrets. It’s up to you if you want others to know that you hired a ghostwriter, which some people boast about.

Let’s write your next book!

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