How to help your dog survive the fireworks

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Fireworks are beautiful displays of light and explosions in the sky. But, they are still explosions. Explosions are scary to dogs as they are sensitive to loud noises. Here are a few tips to help your dog survive the fireworks and the stress caused by them.

don’t get upset

Hearing your dog bark at something seemingly harmless is frustrating.

But you have to remember that a dog’s senses are more delicate than a human’s. The loud explosions come as a shock to them.

When dogs bark at sounds, they are usually barking at something unknown. And for most of us, the unknown is scary. If you find your dog fuzzing up with a mohawk and barking in the direction of the fireworks, do not get upset.

Take a deep breath instead.

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white noise

Having white noise playing can really help your dog tune out the background sound of fireworks going off.

White noise has been proven to calm anxious feelings and help people fall asleep, so it can’t hurt to have some white noise playing in the background for your doggo.

tire your dog out

Go on a walk earlier in the day. Maybe take a second walk. Throw the ball some more. Do something fun that your dog loves to exhaust him. This will help ease the nerve for later that night.

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bring your dog inside

Please, bring your dog inside. Do not leave him outside.

The explosive sounds are louder outside than they are inside. Inside, walls help muffle the sound of the explosions (at least a little, which is better than not at all).

swaddle your dog

Yes, swaddle your dog like a baby.

Or, put a t-shirt on your dog and tie it off and snuggle on your dog’s chest. This swaddles their torso while allowing them to still walk around.

Alternatively, you can get a thunder shirt and put that on your dog. Thunderjacks are like weighted blankets. They relax your dog and should take the edge off the stress from the fireworks.

image of dog with t-shirt on and tied snuggly on to comfort him during the fireworks. A thunder jacket alternative.
The t-shirt method

stay home if you can

The loud explosions from fireworks induce stress in dogs and even people who are sensitive to loud noises.

Staying home with your four-legged companion can help your dog survive the fireworks easier and with less stress.

final thoughts on helping your dog survive the fireworks

Admittedly, fireworks are beautiful. But, they can cause a lot of stress in dogs. It is worth taking the necessary steps to ensure that your dog is taken care of and can get through the scary fireworks as smoothly as possible.

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