Little Steps to Go from Hot Mess to Great Success

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Success isn’t just reserved for the big leagues. Anyone can go from being an overwhelmed, hot mess to success in their daily lives with little steps.

Often times when we think about success, we tend to think of rich or famous people who got lucky and are winning in life. The truth is that many of these people had to work on themselves. Little steps can cause a ripple effect and lead to big changes that our future selves will thank us for. Success is not always created overnight (even though that’d be great). Success usually requires the right mindset and positive self-motivation.

Make a Simple To-Do List

One of the first things you’ll want to do is create a To-Do list. I suggest creating a Master List, which has everything you need to do (such as clean the stove, run to the store, complete a project, etc.). Just write it all down. You can even leave a couple of writing pads in high-traffic areas of your home so you can easily jot things down as you remember, or just use the notes app on your phone. Once you have your Master List, you’re going to pick 2 to 3 things to complete every day. You can always write these down in a separate, ‘Daily To-Do’ list if that works for you.

Tip: It’s always great to group tasks from your To-Do list into similar categories to make crossing things off your list easier. For example, if you have to run to the grocery store for eggs but you also need to stop at the thrift store to drop off some donations, then you can group those into an “out of the house” section.

Create a Routine to Set Yourself Up for Success

Now, I’m not saying to wake up at 4 AM every morning and run 5 miles to get yourself going. I don’t even do that! I wake up around 7:30 AM when my toddler wakes me. I start my days by getting both of us dressed and ready for the day, feeding the animals, making breakfast, and getting the day going, which takes roughly an hour. As a night owl, this morning routine works for me.

Whether you are a morning person or not, the daily routine you complete after you wake up can set your day up for either failure or success. So, start your day with a positive routine that works. And, don’t overdo it! Once you have a morning routine down that you feel will lead you to success, create an evening routine that works. Then, create an afternoon routine.

Tip: It’s always helpful to plan your days out from the night before (mentally, on your phone, or in a notebook), Find a way to insert 2 or 3 of those tasks from your master list if you can. If this is overwhelming, try for one task every other day.

Declutter Your Life.

I’ve talked about decluttering and mentioned how it has helped my family and me tremendously. Our bills are more affordable, and there is less stuff taking up space everywhere. Personally, I believe that the home can be a reflection of someone’s mind. I don’t have a minimalist house, but having clean and cleared surfaces helps me think better and helps me feel better. Less stuff in your home means less cleaning and more space.

Tip: Decluttering does not have to be a big event. Taking little steps, like organizing your bedside table, can lead to a big impact.

Budget and Meal Plan

Okay, I can feel a few eye rolls here. Budgeting and meal planning can be a pain in the behind sometimes. But, they don’t have to. Most people hate doing these things for several reasons. One of them is simply because they don’t know how to. Another is because they haven’t found a method that works. Moreover, The budgeting and meal planning methods that worked for our parents may not work for us today.

It is possible to make a budget and meal plan simple and successful to save you time and money.

For budgeting, you can create financial goals (like getting out of debt), see where you can cut down on expenses, and compare how much you spend to how much you make. The biggest eye-opener I had, which helped me with creating my family’s budget, was looking at the cost of things like the time you trade for them. For example, if you make $15 per hour and see a pair of boots that are $150 (for easy math), you would trade 10 hours of your time for those boots.

For meal planning, see what you have in your fridge and on your shelves. Be creative. Don’t buy ingredients for a dish you only make once in a while unless you plan on using that ingredient in multiple dishes within a set time.

These little steps can take you from feeling like a mess to success in your day-to-day life.

Be Mindful of the Steps You’ve Made

Like I said earlier, little steps can ripple into big changes. Sometimes we take more steps to reach our goal of success. Sometimes, we make take a step or two back every now and then. Success is not linear. It’s bumpy. If it was linear for someone, then that person is perfect and has the secret to life figured out.

It is important to look back on the progress you made so far. A great way to do that is to keep a journal. You can write, doodle, draw and make it colorful with fun pens. It’s up to you. A journal can make it easier to look back on how far you’ve come along, which is helpful when you feel like you have fallen off the horse.

Little steps lead you from feeling like a mess to success.

little steps for hot mess to success (toddler throwing cereal all over workspace)
Some days are harder than others. That’s okay!

A Little Grace Goes a Long Way.

Be mindful and remember you are human. Believe in your abilities to do great things, but don’t be hard on yourself. Success will come.

Final thoughts on going from a hot mess to a success

The only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself. Aim to improve your life if you feel like you need to in order to reach your goals.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

Norman Vincent Peale

3 thoughts on “Little Steps to Go from Hot Mess to Great Success”

  1. This is a beautiful list of steps to go from mess to success. We struggle with figuring out meal prep. My husband’s a cook, which is helpful, but he’s busy. We cook together a few times a week, but we usually get take-out or go out to eat often for dinner. We love to be creative! We have to come up with a good plan that works for us!

  2. Funny thing, one of the hardest question my husband always ask is ” what are we going to eat for today” and dang It always takes me forever to just think of it literally, so I have to learn the hard way how vital it is to actually have a meal plan. Loving the list thanks for sharing!

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