How To Easily Make July 4th Fireworks Awesome For Your Child

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July 4th is a fun summer day in the United States! Many families are looking forward to spending time together, having fun, and watching the July 4th fireworks.

Do you plan to watch the fireworks this year? Do you have a young child you’d like to enjoy this time with? Here are some tips to enjoy the July 4th fireworks with your child!

introduce them to fireworks and loud noises early

Fireworks are beautiful to look at in the night sky.

BUT THEY ARE LOUD! Hence, all caps.

They can really come as a surprise when you are not expecting them. This is worse when you are not used to loud noises!

So, you should introduce your child to fireworks and other loud noises as soon as possible. T

Note: Please do not risk hurting your child’s hearing. Having them watch a video of fireworks and talking to them about it can do.

Extra note: Your neighbors might be graciously doing this already in the neighborhood.

holiday-themed activities

Doing themed activities is a great way to make memories with your child.

There are SO MANY options. From making themed fruit bowls to creating fun crafts. Even various outdoor activities.

This amount of exciting fun is great for tiring out your child. This leads to our next point.

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Fun at the park before the big event!

try to take an extra nap

Fireworks start late at night.

Taking an extra nap, even a short one, will help:

  1. prepare your child for a late night
  2. make it less likely for them to be overtired
  3. ensure they have fun watching the fireworks

If you feel like your child won’t sleep with all the excitement, it might be worth trying a white noise machine. A white noise machine can help them fall asleep and tune out outside noises.

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make sure to have proper ear protection

Proper ear protection protects your child from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss.

You can get your child either moldable ear plugs or ear muffs. Either should work.

Pro tip: Let your child pick a color or design they like so they are more likely to wear them.

keep a safe distance

Even with proper ear protection, you and your child should keep a safe distance from fireworks.

Unless you are the one lighting the fireworks, then please keep safe. Still, keep your child at a safe distance.

Fireworks, though beautiful, are still explosions.

don’t let your child play with debris

This should be obvious, but I’m going to put it here anyway.

Do not let your child play with firework debris.

  1. It can still be hot.
  2. Debris can cause a fire.
  3. Children are also known for putting things in their mouths.
  4. If they touch it and then rub their eyes, they will damage their eyes.

If you would like to read more on firework safety for parents and their kids, check out

The last thing you need is a trip to the ER after enjoying July 4th fireworks.

have an escape plan

Even though fireworks are pretty, your child might get overstimulated by the excitement.

Pay attention to your child and have a plan to move your child away from the excitement.

For example: Let’s say you are watching the July 4th fireworks display at the park. Your child might start showing signs of discomfort or want you to hold them more tightly. Take your child to the car. Put on the A/C and some music if you can. Ask your child what you can do for them.

Sometimes the best escape plan is simply leaving. That’s okay.

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get back on schedule the next day

After all the excitement, you will more than likely get to bed later than usual.

For some reason, kids will get up earlier the next morning. Probably because of all the excitement, fun, and ability to tune in when you need sleep the most. Just me? Okay…

Helping your child get back on a regular routine will help you and everyone else in the home to recover from the excitement.

Children thrive on schedules.

final thoughts on enjoying July 4th fireworks with your child

Enjoying little things, like July 4th fireworks, is a great way to create lasting memories with your child.

Preparing them for the show is important. This avoids making the event less stressful and more enjoyable!

If you’ve read through this and decided that you want to skip the July 4th fireworks this year, then check out Remarkably Helpful Ways To Get Your Child Through Firework Season.

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