Establish Authority. Develop Trust. Increase Conversions.

Transform your business with words that work.


Turn your big ideas into magic.

We are in a digital age with thousands of online businesses. And, you need to stand out and shine bright for your audience with words the work.

Is your copy isn’t turning visitors into leads?

Is it contributing to your authority?

Has your business outgrown the content you have up?

Your ideal clientele can’t work with you if they can’t see you.

People make investments based on two things1) how you make them feel, and 2) how logical your offer sounds. If you don’t have both or fall short on one, your value and offers end up in online purgatory! Getting you nowhere.

So, how can I help you? I’m here to help you cook up a recipe for converting copy with experience, psychology, and personality. These ingredients allow your copy and content serve you

...above and beyond, and the copywriting process was seamless...

"I consulted with Rebekah on rewriting the copy on my website and the copy that I wrote myself wasn't appealing to my target audience and it lacked personality. However, Rebekah worked her copywriting magic and transformed my word-vomit-of-a-website copy, into copy that is on brand, persuasive, and was full of my personality. She took the time and effort to create copy that was on point with my brand and did her research to make sure that the copy speaks to my target audience. She was super organized, turned everything in a timely manner, and was pleasant to work with. She went above and beyond, and the copywriting process was seamless from start to finish. I'm very satisfied with the new website copy and can't wait to show it off to my prospective clients. I cannot recommend Rebekah enough!"

Jenny Rodriguez

The Coding Cat Creatives

Mama’s Mad Tea Party

Establish Authority

One of the first goals is to create a message that is the heart of your business and communicates your value. You have approximately 5-seconds to capture your audience’s attention. I’ll help you develop a client-focused message that communicates what you have to offer.

Develop Trust

Your website should tell your audience a story that builds trust. It should highlight the reasons they need your offer. I’ll help you focus on your clients with genuine storytelling that speaks to their wants and needs. It is about them, after all. 

Increase Conversions

Effective copy reflects the relationship between the client’s needs and the company’s value. I’ll help you test what is and isn’t working so that your web content is serving you.

“ I hope to work with her again…“

“Rebekah was great to work with! She performed a copy-content edit on my website. I hope to work with her again and definitely recommend Rebekah for any of your copywriting needs!”

Mariah Saxton

Mariah Adell, LLC

What's on the Copy Table?

Money Page

AKA The Sales Page. Have a complete sales page written for you. Create curiosity for your prospects without being salesy. You will have a offer you can be confident sharing and that will convert the right people.

Starting at $1500.

You’ll get… One long-form sales page. A strategy session. 2 rounds of edits. A turn-around of 1 – 2 weeks.

Copy Audit

Not everyone can afford a copywriter. But every DIYer needs a professional take with feedback to convert and see what’s working.

$500 for complete copy audit of website OR sales page OR email campaign.

You’ll get a complete analysis of one form of copy. Delivered in 1 week via email with private video available only to you. 

Website Overhaul

Has your business outgrown your site content? Are you losing potential clients because your site is working against you? It’s time to change that.

Starting at $3,500 for 5 web pages… Home, About, Service/Offer, Blog, FAQ, and/or Contact.

You’ll get a Unique Sales Proposition and Value Proposition to capture prospects. Turn-around of 3 – 5 weeks. Strategy session. Detail questionnaire to understand your vision, website goals, and brand. 2 rounds of revisions. AB testing available upon request. SEO available upon request.

Emails with Purpose

Let’s automate sales with personalized and persuasive emails. Email marketing doesn’t have to be complex. Get your emails and newsletters written for you so you can get more clicks, build a stronger community, and have mutual trust with your subscribes

Starting at $75 per email. Custom header and signature includes.

Available as an one-time project or retainer. Discounted on retainer. Strategy session and brand questionnaire to capture your vision and voice. 2 rounds of edits per email. AB testing available upon request. Turn-around of 2 – 4 weeks*

*Variable depending on needs.

Brand Voice + DNA

Your business has a voice that speaks to your audience. Is your mission clear? Do you know your must-have values? Do you want your company, clients, and community to be on the same page? Stop DIYing your brand. Let’s make what makes you uniquely YOU stand out and shine.  

 $2,000 for approx. 40+ page e-booklet to paint your company’s story with words.

Turn-around of 2 – 3 weeks. Strategy session and questionnaire to understand your brand vision, business personality, and brand position. 

Funnel Tea Drip

How can you convert anything is your clients can’t find you? You need a strategy that includes elements… like ads, content, and a landing page… to get the funnel flowing.

Starting at $1,500. Funnel can be as itty bitty or large-&-in-charge as you like.

Available as a one-time project or on retainer. Strategy session to understand vision and direction. Questionnaire to capture brand, vision, and funnel goals. Get ads, social media, landing page, sales page, emails, and blog posts. Done with you or done for you. AB testing available upon request.

Pay in full. Or deposit 50% to get started with a payment plan.

“The copy turned out beautiful!“

"Rebekah is a superstar when it comes to copywriting! I was needing help coming up with a copy for a service I am offering. Rebekah asked questions and confirmed what I was looking for. The copy turned out beautiful! I'm excited to apply it to my website! I definitely recommend Rebekah for any copywriting services you are in need of! I look forward to working with her again on future projects!"

Mariah Saxton

Mariah Adell, LLC

What to expect when you hire me.


To jumpstart, I’ll do a quick overview of your business to determine whether we are a good fit. Then, we will set up a strategy call to discuss your business goals and vision. 

When we hop on our call, we will have a discussion regarding your goals and how the new copy can best help you reach your audience. During the call, I will ask you in-depth questions to help me understand your business, target audience, and competition. After our chat, I’ll send you a proposal and project timeline.


Unique Value Proposition

I’ll research your competitors and collaborate with you on your unique value proposition (UVP). This statement captures what your business has to offer. It’s the focus of your copy, and it will be the framework for everything else I write.

This statement is a personalized expression for business owners. We will work together to create an authentic statement that embodies your sensational company or offer. I can capture your voice by creating your UVP before moving on to the bulk of the copy.

If you already have a UVP that you love, then we can skip creating the UVP, but I will still research your competition.


First Draft Completion

I will use the UVP to write the rest of your copy and deliver a completed first draft to you within the scheduled time. Due dates are created on a project-by-project basis. My standard turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.



I have a high client satisfaction record. I offer three rounds of revisions after submitting the first draft – so long as there is no fundamental shift in the requested direction of the copy.

When you hire me, my goal is to get you results. You can expect me to speak up if I feel your requests won’t result in the most transformational website copy possible.

However, YOU are the client and have the final say. I take great pride in writing powerful copy that makes your business feel magical.

“From meh to W-O-W!“

“Working with Rebekah was a breeze! She took my sales page copy from meh to W-O-W! She even explained why we needed to make the change. Thus, I learned a lot from her as well. I don't just recommend her. I ABSOLUTELY DO! You won't regret it!”

Maria Chrisalyn Guiwo Saunier


Ready to transform your business?

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