5 easy ways to keep a clean home as a busy parent

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As busy parents, we tend to get caught up in everyday life. We have a million and one things to do and not enough time to do them. It feels like we need to grow extra hands, or find a miraculous way to clone ourselves. And, if you are anything like me, you need a clean home to help maintain your sanity! Keeping a clean home with children feels impossible, but it is actually probable to keep a clean home.

I’m a stay-at-home mom, a recent college graduate as of writing this post (woohoo!), and a work-from-home mom who blogs, does virtual assistance, and freelance writes. I often question how I manage to have time to do anything! Let alone keep my home clean. But, there is a way to get things done and maintain a clean, or at least tidy, space.

Before I jump into how to keep a clean home, you must come to terms that it won’t always be perfect. You need to accept that there will be days you can conquer the world, and days you need to tackle the coffeepot (or a glass of wine!).

#1. Make the dishes a daily task.

I feel the eye rolls and can tell that I’ve probably lost a few people here. But hear me out! Dishes, the task most people hate, need to be done eventually, and they should be done at least once a day. If you have dishes piling up in your sink, your space looks messy. By simply washing your dishes, your home will automatically look better! This is a great first step to keeping a clean home.

If you have a dishwasher, USE IT.

Many people wash dishes by hand because they believe that dishwashers use more water than old-fashion handwashing. And they are half-correct. Original dishwashers use A LOT of water.

NEW dishwashers, however, use wayyy less! The average newer dishwasher will use 3 – 4 gallons of water on the average cycle, which is way better than the average 20+ gallons of water to handwash dishes.

And, as an obvious bonus, this saves you money!

#2. One load of laundry per day.

With little kids, the laundry never ends. And as they grow, so do the piles.

Plus, dedicating one whole day to tackling laundry is a pain and a waste of your valuable time.

INSTEAD, separate your laundry loads into daily ones. You should do this to fit your and your family’s needs.

This is what mine looks like:

image | easy ways to keep a clean home - laundry schedule
My laundry schedule helps keep a clean home.

My “light” clothes are anything that is considered light fabric, such as cotton t-shirts, leggings, toddler shorts, etc. My “heavy” clothes are clothing items that are heavier, such as jeans, hoodies, etc.

Bonus: Most of these loads are done on a cold wash cycle, which saves us money.

#3. Separate areas into zones.

Keeping a clean home is a large project, or seemingly long. Dedicating one day to keeping your home clean can not only feel like a pain, but it is also a waste of your valuable time.

INSTEAD, separate areas of your home into zones to clean daily. If you have zones, keeping up with any mess will be easier.

I live in a split-level home, so my zones may flow differently. Here is an example of my zones:

image | easy ways to keep a clean home - cleaning
My cleaning schedule helps keep a clean home.

My miscellaneous cleaning projects are things that need to be done weekly, monthly, or seasonally. Sometimes, the only thing I have to do on this day is taken out the trash for trash collection day.

#4. Sweep when necessary.

This may seem like a daily task, and it can be. But sometimes, we don’t always have the time or energy to tackle the floors on a daily. So, sweeping when you need to is an easy way to keep a clean home.

If you don’t have hard floors and instead have carpet, then vacuum when necessary.

I sweep my floors very irregularly. It depends on the time of year, the weather outside, how many guests I’ve had over, or maybe if my child decided to feed the pets his food by tossing food all over the floor.

I do not have a floor cleaning schedule. Sometimes I will do them every day. Other times, I will do them once a week. It just depends.

Bonus: Get yourself a Robot Vacuum Cleaner. They can be helpful, and probably entertaining if you have pets.

image toddler helping to keep a clean home by doing the dishes

#5. Include your kids!

Okay, if I didn’t lose you at dishes, I might have lost you here.

But, again, here me out!

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Monkey see? Monkey do.”? (not that I’m calling anyone a monkey)

Children tend to mimic us. I regularly keep my home clean, and my toddler son (who is 18 months as of writing this) helps me keep a clean home because he copies what I do.

Not always, but mostly.

If I bring the broom out, he immediately starts sweeping. If we are loading the dishwasher, he is there to help. When we eat dinner, he cleans his area after because we clean our areas after.

Children are smart. They also need practice. I know slowing down to teach them to clean may seem counterproductive, but it has a long-term gain that teaches them a great life skill!

To conclude…

It is much easier than we think to keep a clean home. Splitting up big tasks into smaller tasks tends to be a better use of your time and energy than doing everything at once. Additionally, you can get back some of your time by doing little things throughout the week so that you can enjoy your weekend or days off!

Tell me what you think of these easy ways to keep a clean home? Is there anything that you do differently? Is there anything you would like to add?

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4 thoughts on “5 easy ways to keep a clean home as a busy parent”

  1. I like the way you separated the tasks into smaller more manageable chunks. It makes the process seem less daunting and much more efficient. And the toddler doing the dishes is too cute!! Good tips!

  2. These are all great points!! As a busy mom, I really try to do whatever I can whenever I can, but I always make it a point to do dishes everyday after dinner (I don’t like to leave dirty dishes overnight) and we do laundry every other day so the pile doesn’t get too big. I also agree that it’s important to get kids involved because it can really make a difference! It will take a longer time initially but if we have patience, they will get better with time. Thanks for sharing this!

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